Have you seen Jefferson Bethke’s amazing Why I Hate Religion video? Bethke’s love for the Bible shines through each word of his poetry. And so when Bible Gateway asked Jefferson to talk about the Bible verse that’s most on his mind in 2013, he was happy to explain.

Interestingly, Jefferson doesn’t single out a single verse that’s on his mind—he points to a whole book of the Bible. And it’s probably not the Bible book you would expect:

The Bible book that’s caught his attention this year is the book of Exodus, which tells the story of God’s people enslaved, brutalized… and rescued. But as Jefferson notes, the journey from slavery to the “promised land” is full of speed bumps and detours as the Israelites struggle to remain faithful to the God who saved them. You can read Exodus from the beginning here at Bible Gateway, or skip to some of its most noteworthy stories:

Can you relate to Jefferson’s interest in the story of Exodus? Can you see a parallel between the triumphs and failures of your own spiritual life and the struggles of the Israelites?

This interview with Jefferson is part of our 20th anniversary celebration. We’re talking to some of today’s leading Christian writers and thinkers to find out about the state of Bible engagement in 2013. Last week, author Annie Downs talked about the verse she’s trying to understand in 2013. Stay tuned for another interview next week!

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