Our first priority at Bible Gateway is to make the Bible available to as many people as possible. But our job doesn’t stop there—we want people to read Scripture, but we also want to help them explore it. That’s why we’ve put a big stack of virtual Bible commentaries and references alongside Bible passages. (If you don’t know about our online Bible reference works, here’s how to access them.)

The Bible Panorama, now part of Bible Gateway's library of online study works.

The Bible Panorama, now part of Bible Gateway’s library of online study works.

And so we’re pleased to announce a major new addition to our library of reference materials: The Bible Panorama by Gerard Chrispin. As the title suggests, this commentary will help you grasp the broad picture and context of Bible passages as you read. The Bible Panorama fills in background commentary, details and themes to put each verse in context.

Accessing The Bible Panorama while you read on Bible Gateway is easy. Look for the Show resources link to the upper right of any Bible passage you’re reading; click it and then select The Bible Panorama from the list of available references. For detailed instructions and screenshots, see this blog post.

We hope you find The Bible Panorama a helpful companion as you read God’s Word. If you find it useful, you can also pick up a print copy (which includes additional features) at the Bible Gateway store.

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